about єinini glassworks

Einini Glassworks started out of a desire to do something creative that didn’t involve marketing, advertising, catalog layouts (affectionately known in the business as ‘making landfill’) or IT support.

The Einini name comes from the Irish Gaelic lullaby ‘Éiníní’ which means ‘Little Birds’ and is pronounced ‘A-knee-knee’ or ‘eye-knee-knee’. It shares an initial E with Brian and Heidi’s last name.

heidi – mosaic artist

Influenced by the patterns and colors in nature, Heidi strives to bring that lifelike fluidity into her art. She also finds inspiration in diverse sources such as Byzantine Church artwork, Middle Eastern & Indian designs, and Celtic knotwork.

Initially a writer, Heidi has taken her visual approach to concocting stories and applied it to creations in tile, stained glass and found objects. Her work is both functional and decorative, as shown by the variety of pieces: wall art, trivets, tables, candle holders and, in the future, larger accent pieces for both inside and outside installations.

She joined her husband Brian at Einini Glassworks in Fall of 2011.

brian – stained glass artist

Inspired by the church windows of St. Thomas More Parish as a child in Munster, Indiana, Brian's love of light and color started young. In his college years, Brian worked at a local framing shop, helping customers pick mats and frames for their artwork. This eventually lead to a career as a production designer for several agencies in Chicago, allowing him to apply his love of light & color to a variety of formats and projects.

During a period of unemployment, Brian took classes at a local glass shop in Homewood, Illinois, and found he had an aptitude and appreciation for stained glass creations. After expanding his skill set, his primary focus now is on original design suncatchers and votive candleholders while gradually working up to creating Tiffany-reproduction lampshades.

Einini Glassworks was launched from a closet-sized basement workroom during the late summer of 2010.